人教新目标英语初二下册Unit 10 I've had this bike for three years. 单元检测卷及答案

Unit 10 I’ve had this bike for three years.

I. 听力部分


( ) 1.How long has Tina been in the band?

A. For six years.

B. For seven years.

C. For six months.

( ) 2.What are the speakers doing?

A. They are chatting with Tim.

B. They are setting the table.

C. They are expecting guests.

( ) 3.What will the girl do next?

A. She will go to see a movie.

B. She will stay at home.

C. She will call the boy.

( ) 4.Where are the two speakers?

A. In a clothes shop.

B. In a shoe shop.

C. In a library.

( ) 5.How long has the woman been with Greener China?

A. For three years.

B. For two years.

C. For one year.


( ) 1.What’s the relationship between two speakers?

A. A teacher and a student.

B. A reporter and a foreigner.

C. A policeman and a driver.

( ) 2.How long has the man lived in Beijing?

A. One year.

B. Two years.

C. Three years.

( ) 3.What did the man do in his first year?

A. He studied Chinese.

B. He taught English.

C. He studied chemistry.

( ) 4.How long has the man been a teacher?

A. One year.

B. Two years.

C. Three years.

( ) 5.Where does he work?

A. In a Chinese high school.

B. In an international school.

C. In a university.


1.Where’s Lisa’s English teacher from?


2.What does Miss Li like doing?


3.How long has Miss Li taught Lisa English?


4.In Miss Li’s opinion, what are two good ways of learning English?


5.What have the students decided to give Miss Li for her birthday?


II. 基础知识

一、根据句子意思和首字母提示写出单词,完成句子。 1.A____________ the four boys, Bob is the oldest, and Jimmy is the tallest. 2.We are living in the 21st c____________ now. Everything changes rapidly. 3.Many students are careless when taking a test. So I suggest you c____________ your
paper if you have time. 4.Stay away from junk food. It’s bad for us, e____________ for children. 5.We should r____________ our teachers as friends. Actually, they’re reliable friends for us. 二、用所给单词的适当形式填空。 1.If you want to have coffee when you wake up, you can set the timer of the coffee

2.Here are some ____________(scarf) in different colors. You could choose one. 3.Are you being completely ____________(truth) with me? 4.I had a wonderful ____________(child). I sometimes look back at it and feel very happy. 5.Look! The boy is ____________(hold) a stick and playing with it. 三、单项选择。

( ) 1.— How long has he been like this?

— ________ he had the accident.

A. Since

B. While

C. Until

D. When

( ) 2.— Are you going to watch the movie?

— No, it ________ for an hour.

A. finishes

B. finished

C. has finished D. has been over

( ) 3.— I don’t want to ________ my old friends.

— You can still contact them after going to a new school.

A. clear out

B. check out

C. help with

D. part with

( ) 4.— I’ve kept your book for two weeks. I’m going to return it soon.

— I ________ it twice. You can keep it longer.

A. read

B. reads

C. have read

D. has read

( ) 5.— Can we give away these story books to the children in your school?

— ________ We always need story books.

A. Sure. That would be great.

B. It’s not a big deal!

C. It’s a shame!

D. That’s strange!

( ) 6.We have shirts in different colors ________ 40 yuan each.

A. of

B. with

C. for

D. at

( ) 7.________ we grow up, our parents get older.

A. Unless

B. Although

C. As

D. While

( ) 8.My uncle ________ a shop. He is busy working there all year round.

A. likes

B. owns

C. cleans

( ) 9.So far, I ________ my pet dog. I’m very sad.

D. needs

A. didn’t find B. have found C. haven’t found D. found ( ) 10.Alan has had the bike since he ________ ten years old.

A. was

B. were

C. is

D. are

III. 交际运用

从方框中选出恰当的句子补全对话,其中有两个多余选项。 A: Excuse me, sir! I’m doing a research on foreign tourists. (1)_____________ B: Sure. Go ahead. A: Where are you from? B: I’m from England. A: (2)_____________ B: No. Actually, it is my second time here. Two years ago I came here on vacation. I love
China a lot and decided to come again. So I came here again two weeks ago. A: That is to say, you have been in China for two weeks, right? B: Yes. A: (3)_____________ B: I have visited many places, such as Lijiang, Suzhou and Fenghuang. A: Which place do you like best? B: (4)_____________ It’s small but beautiful. A: OK. One more question. How long will you stay in China? B: (5)_____________ A: OK. Thank you very much. B: You’re welcome.

A. What places have you visited in China? B. About two months. C. Do you think it a good place to visit? D. May I ask you some questions? E. Is this your first time in China? F. Have you been to Harbin? G. I think it should be Fenghuang.

IV. 完形填空


Dear Editor, We are students from Shiyan Middle School. Recently we (1)_______ a shoe factory. The
shoe factory is close to the Qu River. Before we (2)_______ there, we heard that there was (3)_______ pollution in the river. We found that the factory is pouring waste water directly (4)_______ the river. Now the water in it (5)_______ very dirty. Lots of fish have died. Some farmers living near the lake report that some of their sheep (6)_______ ill, and some have already died since they (7)_______ the water from the river. So we are writing you this letter to see if you can do (8)_______ about this. We think everybody should help to protect the environment. (9)_______ our home, the earth, (10)_______ more beautiful and safe.

Thank you!

Yours sincerely,

( ) 1.A. visit

B. will visit

( ) 2.A. go

B. went

( ) 3.A. little

B. many

( ) 4.A. on

B. to

( ) 5.A. is

B. was

( ) 6.A. has become B. have become

( ) 7.A. drinks

B. drinking


) 8.A. something

B. much

( ) 9.A. However

B. But

( ) 10.A. is

B. was

Zhu Lin & David

C. are visiting D. have visited

C. are going

D. have gone

C. a lot of

D. less

C. into

D. up

C. being

D. were

C. became

D. becomes

C. drank

D. have drunk

C. many

D. nothing

C. Then

D. Especially

C. have been

D. will be

V. 阅读理解

阅读下面的短文,根据短文内容选择最佳答案。 Most of us have hobbies. Some like collecting stamps. Some like collecting coins. And some people enjoy collecting seashells. However, there are some people who have more unusual hobbies. Alfred, an old man who lives in Chicago, USA, has a hobby that is a bit different from

most others.

Alfred loves traveling, so wherever he visits, he collects a small amount of dirt or sand and

puts it in a little glass bottle. He now has hundreds of small glass bottles on a bookshelf in his

living room. There is sand from the Gobi Desert in China and sand from the beach in Miami,

Florida in the USA. There is dirt from a farm in Australia, and another bottle with dirt from

Yellowstone National Park in the US Rocky Mountains.

Side by side, the hundreds of kinds of dirt and sand create an interesting contrast of colors and textures(质地). For example, the sand from Florida is white and fine, but the Gobi Desert

sand is yellow. Alfred’s family and friends love his hobby. They think it is more interesting than

just looking at photos of place. Looking at sand and dirt gives a very unusual view of how

different places are around the world.

( ) 1.Which hobby is not mentioned in the passage?

A. Collecting stamps.

B. Collecting seashells.

C. Collecting coins.

D. Collecting glass bottles.

( ) 2.Which statement is NOT true about Alfred?

A. Alfred is from America.

B. Alfred likes traveling.

C. Alfred collects dirt and sand.

D. Alfred puts his collection in his bedroom. ( ) 3.What can’t you infer(推理) from the passage?

A. Alfred has been to China many times.

B. Alfred has been to many different places.

C. Alfred has collected dirt and sand of different colors.

D. Alfred has been to a farm in Australia. ( ) 4.Which is the best title for the passage?

A. Dirt and Sand of Different Colors

B. Alfred’s Glass Bottles

C. An Unusual Hobby

D. Popular Hobbies ( ) 5.What does the underlined word “contrast” mean?

A. 对比 C. 效果

B. 图案 D. 景观

VI. 书面表达

假设校英语报正在征文,主题是“家乡的变化”,请你根据下面的提示写一篇短文,向 校英语报投稿。
提示:1.What did your hometown look like in the past? 2.What does your hometown look like now? 3.What do you think of these changes?
要求:1.语句通顺,符合逻辑,可适当发挥。 2.80 词左右;开头已给出,不计入总词数。
My hometown has changed a lot in recent years. _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________

I. 听力部分

一、听对话,根据所听内容选择最佳答案。 1.A 2.C 3.B 4.A 5.C 二、听对话,根据所听内容选择最佳答案。 1.B 2.C 3.A 4.B 5.A 三、听短文,根据所听内容回答问题。 1.She is from Australia. 2.She likes traveling. 3.For two years. 4.Reading English newspapers and keeping a diary. 5.A Chinese travel guidebook.

II. 基础知识


1.Among 2.century




1.maker 2. scarves




1.A 2.D 3.D 4.C 5.A

6.C 7.C 8.B 9.C 10.A

III. 交际运用

从方框中选出恰当的句子补全对话,其中有两个多余选项。 1.D 2.E 3.A 4.G 5.B

IV. 完形填空

阅读下面的短文,根据短文内容选择最佳答案。 1.D 2.B 3.C 4.C 5.A 6.B 7.C 8.A 9.C 10.D

5.regard 5.holding

V. 阅读理解
阅读下面的短文,根据短文内容选择最佳答案。 1.D 2.D 3.A 4.C 5.A
VI. 书面表达
My hometown has changed a lot in recent years. In the past, there weren’t so many tall buildings in my hometown, and the buildings were old. But now, many new and tall buildings have been built. In my memory, there were few trees and flowers in my hometown. Now I can find many trees and flowers in different areas of my hometown. The streets were dirty and narrow in the past, but now they are clean and wide. I think such developments are good, and I hope my hometown will be better and better in the future.


一、听对话,根据所听内容选择最佳答案。 1.Reporter: Tina, what do you do in your band?

Tina: I’m the lead guitar player.

Reporter: Oh, great. How long have you been in this band?

Tina: Six years. 2.Woman: Have you set the table?


Not yet. Tim just came over to chat with me.

Woman: You’d better hurry. Our guests are arriving soon. 3.Boy: Kathy, you look tired. How about going to see a movie?

Girl: Sounds good. What do you want to see?

Boy: There’s a good movie called After Earth.

Girl: Oh. I’ve seen that one before. Well, perhaps I could just stay at home. Thank you

anyway. 4.Woman: What can I do for you?

Boy: I’m looking for a black jacket.

Woman: I’m afraid we haven’t got any black jackets, but we’ve got some nice brown

ones. What about those ones over there?

Boy: Well, they look nice. Let me have a look. 5.Reporter: How long have you been a member of Greener China?

Woman: I’ve been with Greener China for a year.

Reporter: What have you done since you joined Greener China?

Woman: I’ve written two books on the environment. 二、听对话,根据所听内容选择最佳答案。

Woman: Excuse me! May I ask you a few questions?

Man: Sure! How can I help you?

Woman: I’m a reporter with CRI, and I’m interviewing foreigners about life in Beijing.

How long have you been here in Beijing?

Man: I’ve lived here for three years.

Woman: And what do you do here? Man: In my first year here, I was a student. I studied Chinese at Beijing Foreign Studies
University. Woman: Ah, that’s great, and how about the last two years? Man: For the past two years I’ve been a teacher. Woman: Really? What do you teach? Man: I’m a chemistry teacher! I work in the international department of a Chinese high
school. My students are Chinese students who are preparing to study abroad. Woman: So you teach chemistry in English? Man: Yes, that’s right. It’s a good job, and I’ve really come to enjoy my life in Beijing. 三、听短文,根据所听内容回答问题。 Hi! My name is Lisa. Let me introduce my English teacher to you. My English teacher is from Australia. Li Ping is her Chinese name. She says she likes China, the people, the food, the Great Wall and many things here. She is now learning Chinese. She likes traveling a lot and has been to many cities in China. She often shares her traveling experiences with us and even tells us how to prepare for a tour and what we need to pack when traveling. Miss Li has taught us for two years and has helped us a lot with our English. She has told us that the best way to learn English is to use it as often as possible. She told us that reading English newspapers and keeping a diary are good ways of learning the language. We all think her class is the most interesting of all our classes. Now her birthday is coming and we have decided to give her a special present — a Chinese travel guidebook!


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